Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gillette Friday Night Fights on TVS Boxing.Net Include Marciano Walcott Championship

It was indeed rare to have a world championship heavyweight fight on network TV, but the Gillette Safety Razor Company scored a coup when it presented the Marciano Walcott championship on NBC. This can now be watched , as can many other Gillette Friday Night Fights, on the Boxing Channel of TV4U.Com - a 48 channel IPTV Network.

Boxing was a staple of TV in the early network days. NBC had the Friday Night Fights from Gillette, CBS had the Wednesday Night Fights from Pabst Brewing Company, and the Dumont Network had several nights of boxing, primarily from the St. Nicholas Arena. Later ABC joined the fray with Sunday night fights from Muriel Cigars.

All can now be seen on TVS Boxing.Net. Enjoy the action!

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